It is crazzy..!!!  

Posted by Fighter

Lots of introspection going on.

Probably this will the single most crucial decision of my career. Which schools should I apply to?

Asking myself some fundamental questions:

  • Where do I want to be, post MBA? India, US, UK..?
  • What do I exactly want to be doing long term? General management in a big manufacturing company, entrepreneurship ?
  • I had dreams of having a global career, bouncing in different countries, etc, but do I want to go for that or just settle in India..?
The biggest question is whether the answers I have to these questions right now, hold up after my MBA also..?

If I have solid answers for these, then probably selecting schools will be a lot easier.

This is the most convincing thread about my post MBA plans that I have come up in the last 3 months:
Post MBA, I will join any of the big manufacturing firms in India. Will work for 2-5 years, scouring and understanding the local markets, for voids that I could fill with a new product line. On finding one, I will venture out on my own.

As simple as that line sounds, took me 3 months just to plot a plan that was convincing to myself.

Going along this line, what should I look for in an MBA program to help me achieve my goal?
  1. Entrepreneurship skills (Probably all top B Schools provide more or less the same)
  2. Brand image in my post MBA target market, i.e; India. (Very important for first job as well as funding for entrepreneurial venture later on)
  3. Network of friends (alumni network) is going to be a crucial. Considering 80% of my friends are the ones I met at my school, college and so on. I have turned to these friends at every dilemma in my career. 
  4. The loan after MBA also is crucial. Considering for a loan of 18 lacs, I would have to be paying Rs.30,000 every month for the next 7 years. 18 lacs is just for ISB. The number is a lot higher for international B-Schools. 
My present target schools:
  • ISB
  • Oxford (Said)
Still reading blogs and all the information up there on every B-School, making sure that I am not missing out on any school that would be perfect for me.

Life is crazzyy...  Wish we had a GPS, where we mark our present point, our future point and just follow turn by turn directions at every step, instead of roaming aimlessly like searching for food in a jungle.

The presentation secrets of Steve Jobs  

Posted by Fighter

As I was browsing over MBA blogs, found this presentation on " The presentation secrets of Steve Jobs".

Was just blown off with some of the advice offered in the presentation. Listed a few as a trailer to what the presentation is all about:

  • "The single most important thing you can do to dramatically improve your presentations is to have a story to tell, before you work on your PowerPoint file."
  • "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
  • "Your brain interprets every letter as a picture. So a wordy slide literally chokes your brain.
  • "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
Watch the presentation to learn a lot more.

Why did I post it here. Because, most of the points apply to your MBA essays also.
I want to revise this, before I start on my essays.