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I have wasted two hours on just deciding the name of this blog and the caption.

I wanted to encapsulate my whole self in the title and hence the unusual amount of time. Another doubt that has crept in is that if I had so much confusion on just deciding what I am, then imagine the time I will spend on presenting myself in my essays.

The seed for my MBA was sown in the Spring of 2006. Since then I have been walking all the miles to this destination. Here I am in the vicinity of my application process. I will be applying in Fall 2010

My common approach to any challenge has been to distance myself from everything else and just focus on the challenge. I have very little RAM in my head and cannot run too many processes simultaneously.

I will document my journey as it goes and hope, believe, pray.... that I end this journey at my dream school "INSEAD"

Enough for today...

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