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Been sometime, since I last posted.

Have wandered through various options and am back to where I started, but more decisively.

At last I have decided (4% undecided), that I will only apply to ISB this year.
I could easily follow the herd and apply to some US B-Schools also. Just the herd mentality I guess.
But personally, none of the US B-Schools would make my life easier. I would have a loan of around 30-40 lakhs of loan and then pursue my own opportunities in India. It is going to be an uphill battle. Whereas an mba from ISB would exactly position me in the market I want to go. I could easily pay off the fee from my savings. Good brand leverage in India.

Its like, Richard Gere and Govinda, releasing a movie in India. Richard Gere is Richard Gere, but in India, Govinda is the superstar.
If my future goals were global, a US B-Schools would make a lot more sense. INSEAD has always been my radar, but my slight deficiency in INSEAD is pulling me back. If I have to re-apply to ISB next year, then I will certainly apply to INSEAD also.

Probably I am putting all my eggs in one basket this year. But if just one basket will help me make it to my destination, then that is what I will go by.

I have been in contact with International Admission Consultants as well as Indian ones. They helped me by showing more options and confusing me further.
The best advice I have received has come from ISB alumni. they are a very helpful bunch. Down to earth and informative. Many have been through the same situation I am in now.

I have received very specific information on the exact roles offered to guys with similar work experience, the interview process, etc.

Now I am in the process of shortlisting my relevant achievements, and taking some help in positioning my profile.

Received some critical resume feedback form Sweta, (old friend and an ISB admit). I was so much in love with my resume that I failed to notice the glaring flaws in it. Will have to entirely reconstruct the resume, to make it more professional.

Mom's last 2 days in Arkansas. Have been fishing almost every day, with a little luck. Probably will stop fishing for a while, after she goes to Dallas. Woke up at 5:00 am this morning, to watch the sunrise from the top of Mount. Nebo. Immediately went over to the lake and started fishing. no luck today. Had a good sized catch yesterday and left a fish yesterday.

Let me see how the process goes from here. Been in the MBA research process for over 4years. Now in 5 months, it will reach a culmination. The last school I wanted to study was ISB. That is the same school I am applying to.

Just 60 days for the deadline...

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