Information -Pack Rats  

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Have been reading Avi Gordon’s MBA Admission Strategy.
Some of the good things about the book:
·        Structured approach for the whole journey
·        Gives practical tips on school selection
·        The personal profiling approach gives you a step by step procedure on how to profile yourself.
He advises you to make a laundry list of all the significant details in your life, which had an impact on you. Then divide the list into three sections: Personal, Professional and Extra-curricular.
I have been doing something peculiar since the last 4 years.
I have been researching on the whole admission process off and on for the last 4 years. I have been reading blogs, essay tips, profiling tips, etc. I am one of the new breed of animals called information-pack rats.
I was already imagining how my essays would look since the last four years and have been writing tid-bits of information, that I wanted to include in my essays.
Whenever I had a light bulb switch on in my brain, on how I could project myself differently, I wrote it down. The other day, I printed out the whole document and it accounted to over 25 pages. Now have to filter through and divide the qualities. 
I am too early in the process, to advise anyone. But, it certainly helps if you can note down on all the small significant stuff in your life, as and when you remember them. So just referring to your notes, before you start your essays, makes life a lot breathable.

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