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Been sometime since my last post.
Spent most of the last three weeks in researching the top 25 schools and eliminating one by one.

The list is now down to the top 9.
Still needs some research to cut down the list to 5-6 schools.

The main criteria for selecting schools was:

  1. Had to go back to India, immediately after MBA, due to family reasons.
  2. The MBA program should have enough brand recall and leverage in India.
  3. The debt on my back, post MBA should be as low as possible.
  4. This is where schools with high chance of scholarships come in.
  5. I am interested in a general management program, inclined if possible towards operations.
My school list looks like this:

  1. ISB
  2. Ross
  3. Tuck
  4. Darden
  5. Duke 
  6. Cornell
  7. Duke 
  8. Kellogg
  9. MIT LGO program
Obviously an ISB admit would make life far more simpler, in getting back to India and starting a career afresh.

In the later posts I will explain in detail, why I chose each of the above programs, and the reasons for rejecting the other 10-12 top programs.

Gave my CEO a hint that I may consider applying for an MBA, this year. Need to remind him again in a month to drop a hint about Recos. I would also have to drop the bomb on my manager. My CEO, did not express any surprise. He himself is an MBA, so I asked him how much did his MBA degree help him. He agreed that, coming from an engineering background the MBA coursework certainly helped him and advised that it would be pretty beneficial for me.

Now got to get hold of a student or alumni from each of the above programs and ask them about international career opportunities post graduation.

Let me start with Tuck today.


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